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Medical law

Dr. Frank Schidlowski, lawyer and at the same time specialist lawyer for medical law, is your contact in all questions of medical law. Dr. Frank Schidlowski advises and represents hospitals and doctors in liability issues arising from medical malpractice and can draw on extensive forensic experience in conducting liability proceedings. In this context, medical expert reports are at the centre of the action. Legal questions arise in the assessment of treatment documentation and the principles of the distribution of the burden of proof developed by case law. Dr Frank Schidlowski advises hospitals and doctors on the drafting of cooperation agreements. Cooperation agreements must be drafted taking into account civil law and social law regulations. Dr Frank Schidlowski advises and represents hospitals on issues of hospital planning law. He also deals with issues arising in connection with the authorisation of hospital doctors. In remuneration law disputes, he represents doctors and hospitals against private and statutory health insurers. In order to enforce remuneration claims, he conducts extensive litigation before the civil and social courts.