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Insolvency law

We advise both debtors and creditors in crisis and insolvency.

We support companies and entrepreneurs in their reorganisation, whether out of court or in the course of insolvency proceedings. Particular attention is paid to avoiding liability claims and criminal law risks. If these risks have already materialised, we represent managing directors in the defence against liability claims as well as in criminal investigation or main proceedings.

We help private individuals to come to terms with their financial situation and to prepare and carry out an out-of-court debt settlement. Should the latter fail, we answer all questions in connection with the judicial insolvency proceedings. We accompany our clients from the completion of the application forms to the granting of residual debt discharge.

We provide comprehensive advice to creditors during the crisis or insolvency of their debtors. Already in the run-up to an insolvency, we point out what should be taken into account in order to obtain a legal position that is insolvency-proof. We also exercise creditors’ rights in insolvency proceedings and ensure the best possible satisfaction of existing claims. We represent clients who are exposed to avoidance claims by the insolvency administrator out of court and, if necessary, also in court in the defence against these claims.

Whether you are a debtor or a creditor, crisis situations require good nerves of steel – and experienced and competent advisors. We are also at your side when the going gets tough.