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Architectural law

The area of architectural/engineering law is closely related to the area of construction law. Whereas in the area of construction law, for example, we represent the client against the contractor or vice versa, in the area of architects/engineers law we advise architects and engineers on the one hand, of course, but also clients who have commissioned an architect or engineer.

In addition to our judicial activities, we also have extensive experience in the area of so-called “construction-accompanying advice”. In this case, we support a project from the very beginning in order to be able to set the course in good time so that any difficulties or disputes do not arise in the first place.

A classic dispute in architectural/engineering law is, of course, often about the enforcement of the remuneration claims of architects/engineers. This remuneration is regularly based on the so-called HOAI (Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers). This is binding pricing law. As this fee schedule is sometimes difficult to understand and even more difficult to apply, disputes regularly arise as to the correct fee rates. In this respect, we are happy to help you resolve the conflict or, if necessary, to enforce your claims.

The same applies to the reverse case, where defects are found in the object planned and supervised by the architect/engineer. Here, the architect/engineer will often be liable for the elimination of the defects alongside the executing company. To ensure that nothing goes wrong here either, e.g. that supplementary performance deadlines are observed, please feel free to contact us.