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Social law

Legal work in the field of social law is by no means limited to the review of benefits in connection with basic security for job-seekers (SGB II) and social assistance (SGB XII). This area of law also includes all disputes with the social insurance institutions, health insurance, statutory accident insurance and pension insurance, as well as child and youth welfare and the rehabilitation and participation of disabled people.

The complexity and scope of the matter makes it almost impossible for those without legal training to assert their claims to the extent they deserve. Often there is a lack of knowledge as to which legal remedy is appropriate in a specific case. The involvement of an experienced lawyer should therefore be considered at an early stage in order to avoid considerable disadvantages.

The activities of Sebastian Hinze, LL.M. in social law include the following areas:

  • Review of employment office and job centre decisions (ALG I and ALG II)
  • Claims for reimbursement and reclaims by state benefit providers against benefit recipients due to allegedly wrongly provided benefits
  • Review of pension notices
  • Assertion of pensions for reduced earning capacity, pensions for occupational disability and partial reduction in earning capacity
  • Assertion and enforcement of long-term care insurance benefits
  • Conducting appeals and lawsuits in all areas of social law.