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Criminal law

Anyone can be confronted with criminal law at any time, whether as a victim, perpetrator or witness. No matter what role you find yourself in, you should seek expert advice.

Our lawyers practising in criminal law will advise and represent you in the following areas:

  • Property offences (fraud, theft, embezzlement, robbery, extortion, embezzlement, etc.)
  • Violent offences (coercion, assault, murder, manslaughter, negligent homicide, sexual offences, etc.)
  • Narcotics offences (import, acquisition, possession, trafficking, cultivation, etc.)
  • Traffic offences (hit and run, drunk driving, endangering road traffic, etc.)
  • Internet offences (phishing, goods fraud, illegal downloading of music or similar (copyright violations), etc.)
  • Juvenile criminal law (all criminal cases taking into account the special features of juvenile criminal law)
  • Commercial criminal law
  • Arrest matters (arrest, arrest warrant, pre-trial detention, detention review, detention complaint, etc.)
  • Execution of sentences (probation, parole, alternative custody, execution of sentences, etc.)
  • Preventive counselling

Commercial criminal law has recently gained more and more practical importance. Hardly a day goes by without a spectacular case involving a celebrity being reported in the media. But white-collar criminal law also has its relevance in the private sphere.

White-collar criminal law is a broad field, it includes, among other things:

  • Criminal tax law (intentional and reckless tax evasion, tax endangerment, etc.)
  • Insolvency criminal law (delaying insolvency, bankruptcy, favouring creditors and debtors, violation of accounting obligations, etc.)
  • Competition criminal law (cartel criminal law – criminal conduct in tenders, economic corruption, etc.)
  • Capital market offences (capital investment fraud, criminal offences and fines in the Stock Exchange Act and Securities Trading Act, the Banking Act and other criminal provisions of banking law)
  • Subsidy fraud, general fraud, embezzlement, usury
  • Copyright law, patent and utility model law, trade mark law
  • Data and data network offences (offences in the context of electronic communication, especially on the internet, offences in connection with company data processing)
  • Balance sheet offences (violation of the duty of confidentiality, offences of false accounting, etc.)
  • Credit fraud, offences against non-cash payment transactions (forgery and misuse of payment cards, etc.)
  • Offences in the field of employment (illegal hiring out of workers, illegal employment of foreigners, withholding and embezzlement of social security contributions, moonlighting)
  • Environmental criminal law (violations of regulations in water protection, soil protection, nature protection, immission control, radiation protection, etc.)
  • Consumer protection criminal law (criminal law on medicinal products, criminal law on foodstuffs)

Our lawyers will ensure that your statutory rights are protected throughout the criminal proceedings.